Everything You Need to Know about Laminine and Fibroblast Growth Factor

Anyone interested in natural supplementation and health enhancement has heard about Laminine and its incredible benefits. Is Laminine really so beneficial and how can it affect the human body positively?

What is Laminine?

Laminine is a supplement based on an extract derived from a fertilized avian egg. The combination of peptides and amino acids found in this extract has an incredibly high nutritional value. In addition, it can be used as prevention for various medical conditions, including cancer.

After nine days, the fertilized avian egg contains all of the nutrients needed to start and nourish new life. There’s one particular ingredient known as fibroblast growth factor, which makes the extract unique.

Apart from the avian extract, Laminine contains marine and vegetable proteins that are great sources of additional important amino acids.

Fibroblast Growth Factor and Its Benefits

Research suggests that fibroblast growth factor plays a role in stem cell development. In addition, it affects the manner in which the body utilizes amino acids.

Fibroblast growth factor can be found in the human placenta and it plays a critical role in the growth of the embryo. In older humans, the growth factor is responsible for the formation of healthy blood vessels and for maintaining a healthy nervous system.

The Benefits of Laminine

The combination of unique ingredients and the growth factor found in Laminine turn it in a unique supplement. It can produce a vast range of health benefits that cannot be obtained through taking other amino acid and polypeptide blends.

Laminine is sometimes called the “fountain of youth” because it helps for the repair and regeneration of damaged, aging cells. The body has a powerful self-repair mechanism that slows down as we age. The supplement could be sufficient to boost the speed and the effectiveness of the natural cellular repair.

In addition, the supplement produces a range of health benefits like:

  • Reduction of physical stress, better sleep quality
  • Enhanced muscle tone
  • More energy and stamina
  • Regulated serotonin levels, which produces a feeling of peacefulness, happiness and wellbeing
  • Enhanced brain function and increased ability to concentrate
  • Healthier skin and stimulated production of collagen
  • Increased libido and better sexual performance through improved blood flow
  • Easier and more efficient detoxification

Who should Take Laminine?

Laminine is a natural supplement and as such, it’s safe to take by nearly everyone. The supplement is both FDA and USDA-approved for non-therapeutic use.

Individuals that are allergic to eggs may want to be careful, since the supplement contains avian egg extract. Testing one capsule or talking to a physician before getting started with a Laminine program will deliver the best results and maximize personal safety.

This natural supplement is safe for children but individuals under the age of 12 may find it difficult to swallow the capsule. The supplement is also considered safe for pregnant and breastfeeding women. If you’re pregnant, talk to your physician before getting started with Laminine supplementation.

A basic, natural and safe supplement can deliver a vast range of important benefits. If you want to feel more energetic, happier and stronger, you should certainly consider giving Laminine a try.