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TRANSCRIPT: Laminine – Doctor Testimonials and Stories

Dr. James Roberts – But I think we can [unclear] and say once the stress response in general and this is huge because we’re all experiencing way too much stress. We can’t walk away from our stress, but if we can mitigate the biochemical consequence of stress, this is huge for our health.

Dr. Poling and I were in another meeting and he starts talking about this new supplement and he won’t be quiet and I didn’t want to hear about it because I have all these other projects going on, but he was very persistent and he just shows up at the office three weeks ago with a box and says “take it and read these papers”, so I did, but I didn’t see how it was going to help me. I’m a cardiologist. I’m involved in nutritional and complimentary medicine and I take a lot of supplements. I design supplements, but I didn’t know how this other supplement was really going to help me, but I took it and I’m glad I did.

Now, I’m an addicted runner. I have to run 36 miles a week or I don’t feel good, I don’t sleep good and I’m difficult to be around, but all that mileage takes a toll on my middle aged frame with aches and pains and sore muscles and that’s a lot better. Maybe basic fiberblast growth factor in a fully formed adult is basically fiberblast repair factor, so I’m repairing more rapidly. When I’m not running I lift weights, but nothing happens. My 25 year old son who is this big chunk of muscle, he kind of looks at me and smirks. Well now something is starting to happen. My wife said that when we first met I had a six pack and it’s starting to come back.

Speaking of that with my wife and noticing things, there are some younger people here so I’ll keep it kind of quiet, but testosterone levels do go up and this is big. Cortisol which breaks this down falls, testosterone which is anabolic it rises so we have a direct anti-aging affect. This is huge. I’m a cardiologist. Every male patient I see with heart disease has a low testosterone level. If we can raise testosterone level, we’re going to do a great deal to prevent cardiovascular disease. We’re really pretty excited about this. How can a supplement help so many people with so many things and this is something that Dr. Poling and I are excited about.

We know it’s affecting the endocrine system. They hypothelamic pituitary adrenal access controls many aspects of our health and that’s getting better. I also think there’s probably controlling transcription, that is the reading of our DNA. Certain genes are being turned off, others are being turned on in a more youthful fashion. This is something we’d like to investigate.

Dr. Rodney Poling: I tell you, I’ve never seen anything like what we’re here for today. I’ve been practicing medicine with out of the box methods for a long time. I’m 70 years old and I don’t feel it. I’d like to say that I don’t look it. When I came across a product that allowed me personally to get sleep all night without coming and having to get up like many people who are 70 years old have to use the bathroom and I’ve been able to sleep.

One time I was able to take the product after one week and three weekends in a row I was able to sleep from 5:30 on a Saturday until noon on Sunday and that totally sold me on the product and then I started experiencing other things and I again started to use that with my patients as well with great success. That’s why I’m here today. My friend and colleague and cardiologist in Toledo, Ohio, Dr. James Roberts requited me with a test that allowed saliva tests to be done for hormones and neurotransmitters in the brain and [unclear] on serotonin and norepinephrine and dopamine and it’s amazing all the people and patients that we studied, nearly everyone and I do mean nearly everyone, had a low serotonin level and the other ones were off as well.

We found that just by the introduction of one product which helps to increase the serotonin level, we were actually able to through these sleeping and getting good rest allow the other hormones to start to follow in line so we didn’t have to do nutritional acupuncture on them, which is really a big point that I [unclear] like what we’re seeing that we can actually study this and follow this with excellent hormone levels and see the difference in patients. I’ve even got one gentleman who is probably one of the last remaining World War II fighters. He was a nose gunner in the [unclear] and his levels were even off and this poor gentleman was creating great chaos in his family, which included not being able to sleep and he had panic disorder, hypertension and severe depression and had tremendous problems with his bowels.

We introduced this to him and it was amazing how he’s actually changed so much that the family is no longer ready to put him on a glacier and let him drift out to sea. That’s a big testimony. When that came, I was just amazed and the entire family is grateful.

Dr. Mark Gustrafson: A dear friend who has Parkinson’s, she has had the challenge of Parkinson’s since the year 2000 and has been in Assisted Living and simply taking two capsules in the morning and two capsules at night we’ve seen Kim some dramatic changes. Historically she would be standing up and freezing in position, which is typical of the neuro-degenerative condition that she has and really in a short period of time, which is two weeks, we have seen some dramatic changes.

She no longer freezes when she stands up. She is able to get to the bathroom on time and make it there unassisted, use the restroom and come back. She’s actually cleaning her apartment. She’s in Assisted Living and the family is actually considering taking her home in a couple of weeks because she’s responding so well. It’s very, very exciting what we’re seeing with a number of our clients Kim.

Dr. Zenia Richler: This is probably the most incredible product I’ve seen in 35 years of practice. I’ve never seen a single product do what this does and as cost effective as this is for clients. I’ve been retired for four years and when Mark called me from Nebraska to tell me about the product and we both really respect each other and the research we do when we find out about a product. We both just knew that this was something incredible and I refer to this as the baby boomer supplement because it takes care of everything we have as baby boomers – pain, low energy, stamina, being able to sleep, getting out of depression.

These are all typical things we start to feel as we get older. Probably one of the things for me is when I got colon cancer a few years ago, one of the things we understood when we tested my body is that I was incredibly low in amino acids so I have an understanding of how important amino acids are. The fact that this was amino acid based and it had been done with a doctor in Canada that was actually working with cancer and that it was [unclear] the stem cells was a big deal. When I put a cancer patient on it that has bone cancer in California, her pain level was a nine on a level of one to ten and I put her on two three times a day and in three days she came down to a six and then we increased her dosage to three three times a day and in less than a week, she has zero pain.

I think this company is going to be one of the biggest companies we’ve ever seen. It’s growing at a rate that I’ve never seen before. We’ve got a quality product with a quality company and I don’t think you can beat that. Just for myself personally, my pain level has gone down 96% between my hip and my knee. Being able to sleep, I’ve been on some kind of sleep aid for 15-20 years now and I’m sleeping with just this.