Laminine Effects on Emotions, Anger and Diabetes


TRANSCRIPT: Laminine Effects on Emotions, Anger and Diabetes

Hey guys. My name is Larry Kilby.

I am a local general contractor here in California. I’m a transplant Texan. I just wanted to share with you guys something that has happened to me in about the last three weeks. Within about three days I noticed a difference in how I was feeling emotionally. The first change happened for me. I’ve got teenage boys and had a little difficulty at home and I noticed I wasn’t quite so angry. After about three or four days I had noticed that my attitude was much better. I don’t want to sound boastful or anything, but Laminine has really changed the way I feel about myself and my family, my relationships, God and also my business.

My name is Steve Ervin and I am a diabetic and Larry knows that I struggle with my health.

I’ve been diabetic for a little over a year. Last year I was on my way to the hospital with blood sugars that were through the roof and I was in terrible shape. I am very challenged and insulin dependent. Since I’ve been taking the Laminine product, after three days I started to notice a difference in the way I feel and I was able to go ahead and care a little bit more about the way I was eating and just a couple of things were changing and I was able to bring my blood sugars from an average of 180 to 121 within four days of taking the Laminine product. I truly believe that it’s all in how you feel as a diabetic to go ahead and care about yourself. I want to live. I am a single parent and life is challenging.

I’ve been able to go ahead and be really successful in the interaction. I go to the doctor on a weekly basis and since I’ve been taking the product, I have actually lost seven pounds. I lost two pounds the first week, a pound and a half the second week and then about three pounds, a little over three pounds the following week. I feel that the road that I’m on with talking to my doctor and her agreeing that this is a product that is good for me and she’s endorsing me to take this product.

I have high blood pressure and I need reading glasses. I took it and after a couple of days I didn’t really need the glasses anymore. The biggest thing for me is it brought my blood pressure ten points within three days and I’ve been hospitalized a couple of times and had strokes and had [unclear]. After taking Laminine, I feel like I have a reason to get up. I’m a lot happier and it really does work. One of the biggest things for me was I have real bad nerve pain. I’ve been on all kinds of pain medications, including morphine. This actually took most of the pain away. I still have a little pain, but not like what I did have.

Hi, my name is Susanna Carson and I hear about the Laminine product from Dr. Kim. I got very interested.

I started on it and the very first day, my muscles were hurt because of an accident. The very first day I got pain free. My [unclear] had been improved a lot and my focus was kind of weak and now it’s very sharp. I notice when I’m driving or in stores and stuff. I was staying at my sister’s and my husband and my brother when they agreed. The attention to me, they noticed a great change in my face because my wrinkles are disappearing. The few I had around the eyes are gone and so they’re very excited right now. My sister got in it and her case is very particular because all her muscles could relax and [unclear] and she’s looking forward to be ready to give her testimony. She has therapy and it demands a lot of energy for me to do my profession and I was even thinking about quitting, but now I’m back in my field and I feel very excited and very good about that.