Laminine Helped Emelie Watson With Stress and Depression


TRANSCRIPT: Laminine – Emelie Watson Anti Stress and Depression

John Altshuler: I’d like to introduce a good friend of mine, Emelie Watson who has her own personal story to share. Emelie, I know that Laminine has been a pretty impactful product certainly for me and now you too. Tell me about your personal experience.

Emelie Watson: Well, it’s been about six weeks now, actually it’s the beginning of my seventh week, but when I was originally introduced to Laminine I heard so many great things about it from my girlfriend Phyllis that I though that I have to get this product for myself. When I finally received it, it was a really highly stressful time of the month. It was closing out business, there were so many things going on. I was getting ready to take a trip to Southern California. I’m writing a book about the top ten tools to optimal health and the top ten things to eliminate for optimal health and I wanted to go down and see all the health professionals and events.

There were over 20 speakers so I knew what was new in the health arena. Well, I had received my product two days before I was getting ready to leave, closing out the month, very stressful. My girlfriend is coming in two days to pick me up, my phone was ringing off the hook because I was sharing this product with people because when I read the clinical studies, I could not believe the information I was hearing and I had a lot of friends that had children that had Aspergers, schizophrenia, autism. I had friends that had seniors that had dementia and Alzheimer’s and so I was calling them and sharing about it because I had read about what a difference it made for people on the mental and emotional side. I received mine and I had taken two and within hours, maybe three or four hours, the stress that had all built up just melted away.

It was like an energetic calm came across me and I had all these things I needed to do to get on this trip. I hadn’t packed. I hadn’t done laundry. I hadn’t done anything and this energetic calm came across me and ever since then, it’s been like this every day, it is like living stress free. I call it living life like this is heaven on earth. That has been my experience from day one until now. All the things that we worry about, they’re there, but the peace is within myself. That’s my experience and I’m really looking forward to other things happening. Everything else, I don’t have any health issues, but everything has been, I feel very, very relaxed and calm about everything. Thank you.

John: Well the story of Laminine is going to be told from coast to coast all around the world. The benefits that we’re having are astounding and I’d like to just add a footnote here that as we talk about Laminine, we’re not talking about a curative treatment. We’re not talking about treating or diagnosing a disease. We’re talking about what happens in the body when it reaches that homeostasis and balance. The body is the miracle and as we feed the body the nutrients that it needs, the body simply turns around and says ‘thank you’ and it does that by helping to balance out the different systems in the body. I think that all the benefits that we start to experience, they are tremendous, they are systemic, but it comes from giving the body nutrition that it needs. Thanks for joining us.