Laminine Testimonials

Results With Autism & Laminine

I notice also she is quicker in her responses and she wants to have real conversations, not ab out beautiful imaginary characters that she loves or scripting that she has seen from other movies or TV programs, but she wants to be here in the now.

"She wants to have real conversations with real people. Yes, she still gets distracted, but she comes back to centre so much better."

Her interests are perked and she wants to stay with the interest. Swimming for instance is one of her passions. Just since she’s been on Laminine, she has been able to increase her upper body strength. She is increasing her speed and she can now do the butterfly. She never could do the butterfly or the breast stroke and now both of those she is able to accomplish. We have done nothing different besides the Laminine.
Laminine Helped With Stress and Depression

It was like an energetic calm came across me and I had all these things I needed to do to get on this trip. I hadn’t packed. I hadn’t done laundry. I hadn’t done anything and this energetic calm came across me and ever since then, it’s been like this every day, it is like living stress free. I call it living life like this is heaven on earth. That has been my experience from day one until now.

All the things that we worry about, they’re there, but the peace is within myself. That’s my experience and I’m really looking forward to other things happening. Everything else, I don’t have any health issues, but everything has been, I feel very, very relaxed and calm about everything. Thank you.
Laminine Testimonials & Reviews From Doctors
This is probably the most incredible product I’ve seen in 35 years of practice. I’ve never seen a single product do what this does and as cost effective as this is for clients. I’ve been retired for four years and when Mark called me from Nebraska to tell me about the product and we both really respect each other and the research we do when we find out about a product.
We both just knew that this was something incredible and I refer to this as the baby boomer supplement because it takes care of everything we have as baby boomers – pain, low energy, stamina, being able to sleep, getting out of depression.
Laminine and Traumatic Brain Injury & Depression

I want to tell you a little bit about me and why Laminine has made such a big difference in my life. I grew up in Canada and I played professional football there for ten years. I’ve had 14 different surgeries during and after football, but it was worth it. I loved playing the game. I got to do what I love and they even paid me for it. What I didn’t understand and what I’ve realized since is a lot of the damage done to my brain.

In a short period of time, less than a week of taking Laminine that all changed. I’d wake up in the morning and I’d go “wow, I feel great. I don’t have that feeling anymore” and it just really changed my life and what it has also done for me is made me passionate about sharing because I know there’s thousands of athletes out there.
Laminine For Depression ADHD & Aspergers
Well, about three years ago, my mom died and I was on antidepressants for about a year and a half, spiraling down hill and it’s not something that I wanted to stay on forever. My insurance was going up and I didn’t want to remain on that forever. I wanted something else to take its place and somebody suggested trying Laminine and that I might be able to get the same results through that and I noticed the changes almost immediately.

I was actually able to wean myself off of the antidepressants and use the Laminine instead and I think I feel a lot better. I feel a lot healthier. I don’t get headaches anymore either.

Now I feel great! I’ve got a lot of energy. I’m more even keeled on my moods. I’m certainly not feeling as blue as I was before. I feel like I can handle life now and I don’t have to depend on a drug to do it.

Laminine & Aneurysms – A Testimonial From Kevin Sorbo

Kevin suffered an aneurysm and a series of three strokes and spent the next four months in rehabilitation. I basically went from a guy that was 38 years old and probably in better shape than most guys in their 20s to a 90 year old man within seconds. I was introduced to Laminine and I have found it to be rather amazing in terms of lowering mood swings, to feeling more alert and alive.

I have certainly found my attention level spiking. My retention level is spiking. As an actor, I’ve got to memorize a lot of lines and I just finished two movies back to back. It’s important that I’m on my game.

Laminine is certainly something to me that has just put an extra spark in my life and talking to the people who take it, there is a common denominator in there. Kevin credits his full recovery to the encouragement of his family, healthy living and Laminine.

Laminine Helped With My Celiac Disease & Increased My Energy

It has made me happier. It is called the happy pill. It has made me calmer. It has made me more focused. I have more energy and I sleep better. I am so grateful for this product.

I have a lot of things the company says it does that I’m seeing it more in my body. It’s kind of touching a whole bunch of areas. It does affect your libido. It does affect your stamina.

I have a nephew who has had celiac disease. He’s been taking very high doses of Prevacid and he is off Prevacid for two or three weeks now and is doing incredible. He says he has never felt better. Another friend of mine has been wearing glasses for the last three or four years. He started taking this and after a week he can see better without his glasses.
Laminine Effects on Emotions, Anger and Diabetes
I’ve been diabetic for a little over a year. After taking Laminine, I feel like I have a reason to get up. I’m a lot happier and it really does work. One of the biggest things for me was I have real bad nerve pain. I’ve been on all kinds of pain medications, including morphine. This actually took most of the pain away. I still have a little pain, but not like what I did have.
I have actually lost seven pounds. I lost two pounds the first week, a pound and a half the second week and then about three pounds, a little over three pounds the following week. I feel that the road that I’m on with talking to my doctor and her agreeing that Laminine is good for me and she’s endorsing me to keep taking Laminine.
Laminine Returns Kidney Function To Normal in 5 Months
Hi, my name is Lane Barker. I’m 52 years old and I’m excited to tell you about a miraculous experience I had with an amazing product that actually helped my kidney function go completely normal after it was in serious trouble. Laminine is not made specifically for kidney disease or anything like that. It’s something that just helps your body heal in all kinds of different ways.

For six or seven years I had a terrible pain in my lower back, Within three weeks of taking the Laminine it had completely disappeared and it’s been completely gone since I took the Laminine so it’s been you know six or seven months with no pain at all. It’s completely gone away.

Another thing that happened besides the triglycerides level, the kidney and the pain is it raises the serotonin levels and so I’ve had no depression. I’ve been very happy and I sleep well and that’s common with everyone that takes it.

Laminine & Adrenal Failure Due To Excessive Cortisol Levels as a Result of Stress

In May, 1983 I was attacked at gun point, beaten and sexually assaulted by four illegal immigrants in Hollywood, Florida. That attack led to my being exposed to and infected with HIV disease and eventually full blown AIDS. I had a t-cell count in the double digits and for much of the next ten years along with suffering several bouts of pneumocystis pneumonia, cytomegalovirus and toxoplasmosis.

Now fibroblastic growth factors are sort of like the rebar that a construction worker uses to reinforce the concrete, the strength of the concrete in the overall structure. It stimulates the structure of unprogrammed stem cells which can go directly to wherever they’re needed, sort of to fill in the gaps wherever disease and imbalance exists in your body.

Laminine has transformed my life and the lives of those entrusted to my care in ways that I couldn’t have even begun to imagine possible.