Laminine Ingredients

The Main Ingredients of Laminine

Laminine is a super food that contains various unique nutrients. These can’t be obtained from any other supplement, a feature that makes Laminine unique.

The Proprietary Blend Used in Laminine is Known as OPT9

laminine supplement ingredientsEach Laminine capsule contains 620 milligrams of OPT9, a combination of essential amino acids, oligopeptides and glycopeptides. All of these nutrients and microelements can be found in the fertilized avian egg. The OPT9 formula is further enriched through the addition of highly beneficial plant and marine nutrients.

Fertilized Egg Extract – 316 mg
Marine Protein – 266 mg
Phyto-Protein – 24 mg

“Clinical studies show that Fibroblast Growth Factor has a positive impact on a cellular level, helping the body repair and rejuvenate itself”.

Fertilized Egg Extract

One of the most important Laminine ingredients is known as Fibroblast Growth Factor (FGF). Found in fertilized avian egg extract, Fibroblast Growth Factor speeds up tissue healing and improves cellular health. The combination between Fibroblast Growth Factor, amino acids and vitamins in Laminine delivers the most sustainable and noticeable results.

“The extract derived from a fertilized chicken egg is probably the most essential Laminine component.

This super nutritional extract was discovered back in 1929 by Dr. John Ralson Davidson. The Canadian physician was looking for a natural cancer cure and that’s how he came across the extract”.

This extract is sometimes called Young Tissue Extract (YTE). After its original discovery in Canada, Young Tissue Extract was rediscovered in Norway. A Norwegian doctor discovered the best way to extract Young Tissue Extract from the fertilized avian egg and also figured out what its biggest health advantages are.

The findings of the Norwegian doctor gained popularity and the mass public became aware of the amazing characteristics of the fertilized avian egg and its components.

In 2012, a company called LifePharm Global Network or LPGN began extracting the powerful combination of nutrients from organic, hormone-free chicken eggs in the US. The company perfected the extraction technique even further to keep all of the essential nutrients and amino acids in YTE intact. The procedure also turns the extract from a liquid to a more convenient and easy to use powder.

LPGN’s technology is exclusive, which is yet another reason why Laminine is such a unique superfood. In order to ensure the quality of its product, the company manufactures Laminine in the US and follows the strictest safety requirements. Today LPGN operates under both FDA and GMP guidelines to give its customers access to the best and safest nutritional supplements.

Plant and Marine Proteins

Since the fertilized avian egg doesn’t contain all of the amino acids that the human body needs for healthy functioning, Laminine is enriched through the addition of proteins from plants and fish.

“The fish extract included in the formula is derived from cartilage. Research suggests that this extract has anti-cancer properties. In addition, fish cartilage extract reduces the symptoms of arthritis, has powerful anti-inflammatory qualities, strengthens the immune response and even speeds up wound healing”.

Vegetable proteins come from yellow pea extract and sea plants. Yellow pea has several important characteristics. For a start, it can help for regulating high cholesterol levels. In addition, it is an excellent source of essential amino acids and vitamins from the B group.

Studies suggest that yellow pea extract reduces the risk of certain types of cancer, stabilizes blood sugar levels and is a great nutritional supplement for individuals suffering from type 2 diabetes.

How Fibroblast Growth Factor (FGF) Functions

How does FGF affect tissue repairs?

As the human body ages, its regenerative capabilities start to decline. Cells start to age, which has an impact on health in seniors. FGF has the power to direct stem cells in adults to the place where these are needed the most. Stem cells have a very strong capability of speeding up tissue regeneration, regardless of the normal aging process.

“Research about the role of stem cells in tissue regeneration is still ongoing but the preliminary results are rather promising. Through the research, scientists have found out that FGF is one of the main agents stimulating tissue repair through the activity of stem cells in adults.”

Fibroblast Growth Factor in Laminine works together with all of the amino acids found in the OPT9 proprietary blend. It stimulates the stem cells in your body and enables them to begin the healing process and repair damaged areas.

In addition, the combination of FGF and nutrients found in Laminine keeps the cells healthy and slows down the aging process on a cellular level. The two combined effects deliver the health benefits of Laminine and turn the supplement in the perfect anti-aging superfood.

PESE and Its Extraction

Photo embryonic stage extract (PESE) is probably the most essential and unique Laminine ingredient. Also known as young tissue extract (YTE), this one is derived from a nine-day fertilized avian egg. The eggs are incubated to stimulate rapid cellular division and researchers have come to the conclusion that extraction during the ninth day is the best possibility for getting the optimal combination of ingredients.

The fertilized egg contains everything needed to sustain life. It is a wonderful source of essential amino acids, glyciopeptides and oligopeptides. There’s one more powerful ingredient found in the egg at this point of time – photo embryonic stage.

“PESE is the extract that makes Laminine completely different from other amino acid-based supplements on the market. It is extracted on the ninth day – extraction earlier or later will not produce the same results.”

This highly precise and specific process results in the extraction of the ingredient that stimulates all of the health benefits associated to taking Laminine.

Photo embryonic stage was extracted for the first time in Norway. A doctor working in the country based his research on findings made decades earlier in Canada.

“PESE was originally seen as a natural possibility for the treatment of cancer. As time passed by and researchers showed more interest in this extract, they found out that it was capable of producing a vast range of additional health benefits.”

All of these stemmed from the tissue regeneration processes stimulated by the FGF found in the photo embryonic stage extract.

Laminine contains PESE in the form of powder. Regardless of the transformation that the extract goes through, its most important ingredients and active substances remain intact. This is the main reason why Laminine can be used in numerous different ways. The supplement is great for experiencing an energy boost, decreasing the recovery periods after intense workouts, strengthening the immune response, regulating hormone levels, increasing libido, overcoming anxiety and improving sleep quality.

The Impact of PESE on the Human Brain

Some call Laminine the “Happy Pill” because of its ability to decrease cortisol production (cortisol is known as a stress hormone) and to increase the production of serotonin. Thus, Laminine is a wonderful option for overcoming chronic stress, increasing emotional stability, promoting relaxation and delivering an overall sensation of wellbeing and happiness.

“Laminine also impacts the functioning of the human brain. Since it stimulates the regeneration of tissues, Laminine can be used to strengthen memory, increase mental alertness and make individuals much more capable of completing challenging intellectual tasks.”

The supplement should not be seen as an anti-depressant. It can, however, be used to help with mild cases of anxiety or depression. Talking to a physician before getting started with a Laminine treatment is the key to increasing personal safety and making the most of the superfood.

Laminine is a powerful source of several other important ingredients. Glutamic acid improves the cognitive function of the brain even further. Lysine is the substance responsible for increased serotonin production. Arginine is also found in the formula and it encourages the production of growth hormone. Growth hormone is found in very small quantities in adults and it has a very important role in mental alertness and tissue regeneration.

The combination of these amino acids turns Laminine into a potent brain super food.

The Fountain of Youth, the Miracle of Life?

It’s easy to see how a substance that nature has intended for sustaining the development of life can have tremendously positive impact on human health.

This is the main reason why Laminine has even been called the fountain of youth, this is because PESE and Fibroblast Growth Factor show pronounced anti-aging benefits.

Eggs contain important nutrients and vitamins that can’t be found in other foods. Their health benefits have been studied and recognized for centuries. As science became more advanced, researchers made new discoveries that shed some light on the unique mechanism of embryo development inside the egg. As this process takes place, unique substances form to sustain life and enable the embryo to grow.

“After fertilization, the avian egg contains a unique combination of nutrients. As time passes (specifically during the ninth day after fertilization), the appearance of other substances takes place. The PESE and FGF found in the egg are the two components that make the growth and proper development of the embryo possible.”

The company responsible for manufacturing Laminine has developed a complex process for the extraction of PESE and FGF at exactly the ninth day. The extract is freeze dried to become a powder. The PESE and amino acids found in the avian egg play a role in the formation of tissues, bones and organs. This is the main reason why these factors can stimulate regeneration in human beings and even slow down the hands of time.

The Oligopeptides in Laminine and Their Health Benefits

Laminine contains oligopeptides that are found in the fertilized hen egg. The combination is based on several of the most important protein building blocks – dipeptides, tripeptides and so on. These peptides are the building blocks of tissues and organs. The combination between oligopeptides and FGF creates an effective delivery system that takes the amino acids to where they are needed the most (damaged or aging tissues in need of repair).

“FGF is the “coordinator” that manages the transportation and distribution process. It can be found in the fertilized avian egg and studies suggest that FGF is also abundant in the human placenta. As a child grows and becomes an adult, however, FGF virtually disappears from the system.”

The oligopeptides (which are often called simply peptides) found in Laminine are chains of amino acids. These chains are short, which distinguishes them from proteins. These consist of anywhere between two and 20 amino acids and researchers have discovered more than 600 peptide combinations till present day. Glutathione is one example of a popular peptide and it can also be discovered in the Laminine formula.

Research suggests that FGF is also a type of peptide. It was discovered back in the 1970s. Researchers quickly figured out that it plays an important role in development but during their studies, they were incapable of finding FGF freely circulating in the blood of adults.

This incredibly important peptide plays a role in the development of blood vessels and the delivery of nutrients to the brain and other vital organs.

Further research suggests that FGF plays an important role in neurological health, as well and can be used for the natural treatment of certain types of neurological disorders.

“FGF causes a drastic increase in the peptides and amino acids found in cells. Researchers concluded that this substance is the one responsible for stimulating cellular growth and repair.

In 1962, scientists found out that the activity of stem cells was also guided and regulated by FGF. Stem cells form as a response to abnormalities, trauma, injuries and physiological problems.

Thus, a combination of amino acids and FGF can help for the treatment of various medical conditions, including serious problems like neurological issues and brain disorders. There’s more than enough evidence showing just how Laminine can be used to accomplish all of those.

A Little Bit More about the Other Laminine Ingredients

Though the proprietary blend that is based on PESE and FGF is the most important component of Laminine, there are several other key ingredients worth mentioning. Lysine is one of those.

The amino acid plays a very important role in the human body. It is an essential amino acid that can’t be produced inside the body and has to be obtained from nutritional sources. It was first isolated from milk in 1889 and ever since, lysine supplementation has been gaining popularity.

The health benefits of taking lysine are numerous. The amino acid plays a role in the prevention of infections and it increases the absorption of calcium in the digestive tract. Some research suggests that lysine could have the power to improve bone health and reduce the risk of osteoporosis.

In addition, lysine stimulates collagen production, it supports the production of other amino acids, helps for the conversion of fat into energy, speeds up muscle building and can even be used to reduce the severity of headaches and migraines. When taken in combination with other nutrients and vitamins like vitamin C, lysine can significantly reduce the pain that is associated to heart disease.

One of lysine’s most important functions, however, is its ability to stimulate serotonin production. Studies suggest that more than 20 million people worldwide suffer from some form of depression or anxiety. Some of these individuals need to take prescription medications but in other instances, a natural solution could be much better. Depending on physician recommendations, pharmaceuticals could be replaced with Laminine in some of the milder cases.

Finally, we need to take a deeper look at the vegetable and the marine proteins that add the finishing touches to the Laminine formula. Though the fertilized hen egg extract is very powerful, it doesn’t feature a complete range of amino acids. Thus, the manufacturers of Laminine decided to enrich the formula by selecting several natural sources of high quality proteins.

Vegetable protein is very high in glutamic acid. The health benefits of glutamic acid are numerous. This non-essential amino acid is produced in the human body from other substances. It is predominantly metabolized in the brain and it acts as an important neurotransmitter.

Studies suggest that the increased intake of glutamic acid could have a positive impact in the case of conditions like schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and mental problems. The Psychiatric Institute of Illinois-Chicago carried out a study and found out that individuals suffering from schizophrenia had very low levels of glutamic acid. Though more research is needed, there is hope that a natural solution for such serious problems does exist.

Some evidence suggests that glutamic acid could also be used for the treatment of Parkinson’s disease. Individuals suffering from this condition are also experiencing a glutamic acid deficiency.

The most abundant neurotransmitter in the human body can also be used to improve mental function, increase alertness, enable individuals to perform challenging intellectual tasks and enjoy improved problem solving abilities.

There’s one more ingredient to examine – it’s the glycine derived from marine proteins.

Glycine plays a role in the production of acids in the human body. These include the acids found in bile and nucleic acid. It also affects the functioning of the nervous system and the gastrointestinal tract.

Studies suggest that glycine may be another natural possibility for the treatment of brain and neurological disorders. The amino acid facilitates the transmission of nerve impulses to the brain. Its primary areas of functioning are the spinal cord and the brain stem. Some evidence suggests that glycine may also be used in the treatment of problems like bipolar disorder, schizophrenia and epilepsy.

Taking a detailed look at the Laminine ingredients reveals just how complex this supplement is and why it deserves the superfood status. Whether you’re dealing with a medical problem or you want to improve your overall health, Laminine is a wonderful possibility to try. Some of its most important ingredients can’t be obtained from another source and the health benefits that these produce are too many to just ignore effortlessly.

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