Laminine Returns Kidney Function To Normal in 5 Months


Laminine – Kidney Function Returns to Normal

Hi, my name is Lane Barker. I’m 52 years old and I’m excited to tell you about a miraculous experience I had with an amazing product that actually helped my kidney function go completely normal after it was in serious trouble. I’ll tell you my story first and then I’ll tell you a little bit about some other things that it did for me besides that and then I’ll finally tell you how you can get the product yourself.

First of all, 25 years ago I lost my left kidney in an accident and so I’ve been living the past 27 years or whatever with just one kidney. Last September 5, 2011 I went in for just a normal check up with my doctor and had blood work done and he found to my shock and surprise that my remaining kidney was only functioning at a lower rate. Actually they give it a number that’s called a [unclear] filtration rate, a number that’s assigned to it to show the function of the kidney. At that time, the function of my kidney was 47 on this scale, which translated to Stage 3 Chronic Kidney Disease. I went in subsequently two months following and had tests to determine that that was correct, and in fact it dropped to 46 and then to 45 by November, 2011. My doctor did tell me and I’ve confirmed with the Kidney Association that your filtration rate, the GFR number does not improve. In fact, all you can do is to do things to try to keep it from getting worse. I was quite disappointed and frustrated with the situation.

What happened is in May, 2012 a few months later, my sister told me about a product that helped someone else in my same circumstance in my same town and his GFR number shot way up after using the product so with not knowing much about what it was, I agreed to try it and it was fairly inexpensive and I took it as directed and so I started at about the end of May, 2012 and then by the end of September, 2012 Zi went back to my doctor, got the prescription and went to the lab. Had the exact same lab work done at the same lab and to my honestly utter shock and surprise, my GFR number, my kidney function rate, now went from a low of 45 up to 68, which is considered normal for my age. To his shock and to my shock, I was surprised. I was just extremely blown away by it and it just completely, when it gets normal, medical conventional wisdom I guess is what this product can do.

I will show you now. These actual tests on paper so you can see for yourself that it actually worked. Okay, here’s the first test. You can see it’s September 5, 2011 at the LabCorp and here’s the different blood test numbers. The main one is here at the bottom, was the GFR if Non-African and see it says 47 clearly there. Then on this test, this was done at the hospital now. This date was in October. I had two of these done, but this one it shows the number at 45 as you can see. The month before it was 46. This is about nine months later after being on the product Laminine for four months. This is October 6, this is when I got the test results back and it shows right there my GFR is now 68. It needs to be over 59 to be considered healthy. To me it was an absolute miracle and I think to a lot of people out there who have no hope that there is hope and you can get your kidney function right back up and get out of your dire straits. Like I said, it’s very inexpensive and there’s other benefits.

Now this Laminine is not made specifically for kidney disease or anything like that. It’s something that just helps your body heal in all kinds of different ways. Now I’ll go over real quick some other things that happened besides just what happened with my kidney, which is the main reason I took it. First of all, before I went in for this first test, my triglycerides were off the charts. They were like 350 and it kind of runs in my family. They were really, really high and for a short time I went on Tricor, which lowered my triglyceride levels. I found that that isn’t the best thing for my kidneys so I discontinued that. Then when I was taking the Laminine in May, 2012 I was not taking the Tricor anymore and so I was off that for eight months or so, but when I got my tests back showing my kidney functions at 68, which is normal, I found my triglycerides were also normal. They went from 300 and something to like 95 or something, which is completely a healthy number.

Another thing I found is for six or seven years I had a terrible pain in my lower back, in my butt basically and I had this daily thing and I had to massage it and it hurt all the time. I just had this pain. I don’t know where it came from. Within three weeks of taking the Laminine it had completely disappeared and it’s been completely gone since I took the Laminine so it’s been you know six or seven months with no pain at all. It’s completely gone away.

Another thing that happened besides the triglycerides level, the kidney and the pain is it raises the serotonin levels and so I’ve had no depression. I’ve been very happy and I sleep well and that’s common with everyone that takes it.

Another thing that I had and this is kind of odd. I just discovered it, I had like a liver spot under my left eye and I have pictures of me. For years I had this weird liver spot under my left eye and I just discovered recently, I heard other people say they had healthier skin, and so I looked in the mirror and sure enough, my liver spot completely disappeared. That was pretty cool too.

People find with everything that helps them, but with mine [unclear] there was the kidney function.