Laminine Effects Explained by Dr. Bjodne Eskeland


TRANSCRIPT: Laminine – Dr. Bjodne Eskeland

My name is Dr. Eskeland from Norway. I here to share some of the research we have obtained using young tissue extract in studies.

What is young tissue extract? Young tissue extract, for short we call it YTE is the new form material from incubated eggs. Those eggs are of course fertilized.

What does YTE affect in the body? The young tissue extract actually increases the sexual hormone level in people with low testosterone or sexual hormone levels. We also find that using young tissue extract you have a lower body production of stress hormone.

YTE’s affect on cortisol and testosterone. The building materials for stress hormones as well as sexual hormones are identical. It’s derived from cholesterol and on the pathway of production I would refer it to a shunting affect [unclear] the sexual hormones instead of the stress hormones. I’m here specifically referring to cortisol, the major stress hormone in the body.

YTE’s affect on sexual desire. Through the years we have done several studies on sexual desire in men as well as women and realize those people get increased sexual desire and even the ability to perform sexually.

Is YTE for women as well? Yes, we have had several studies involved with women and they have also very positive effects of taking it, especially the middle aged women. Women experience a sexual desire, better esteem for instance. Everything about the quality of life I would say.

What makes YTE different from other supplements? We can associate that I believe very much to stress hormone. The body produces less stress hormone, especially cortisol and we know that cortisol has many [unclear] affect on several criteria like life quality aspects.

YTE and sports. We have also done quite a few studies in sports relationship even at the University of [unclear]. and the first thing we realized when using YTE in sports relation is that we have a lower production of stress hormone generally. That affects especially the [unclear] time of a competition [unclear].

YTE’s affect on stamina and energy. We realize that the stamina increased and also the energy and [unclear] realized that self esteem and the more psychological aspects are much improved on people using daily supplement of YTE.

Any side effects from YTE? There is no negative side effects from using YTE, except that we recommend that people being allergic to egg products should avoid taking the product.

Where is YTE made? It’s made in Norway. We are very fortunate in Norway. It’s one of the few countries in the world that we can guarantee the product being salmonella free. It’s made at a place [unclear], a small place in the east of Norway.

Any connection between YTE and the bird flu? The birds are kept inside in houses and very strict hygenic quality measurements are followed up and they are not exposed to the migrating birds. In Norway so far, we haven’t had any incident of bird flu.

If YTE comes from eggs, can I get the same results from eating more eggs? No, the YTE is not produced from regular breakfast eggs as you say. It’s made from fertilized eggs partially incubated eggs and it’s very limited amount of the egg content that is following the YTE. This is the new form material made during the incubation time.

Since YTE is from eggs, will it increase cholesterol? To be noted, eggs are rich in cholesterol, but here we only use the young tissue extract [unclear] only the new form material made during the early incubation of the egg so there is absolutely no cholesterol in the young tissue extract.